Serving the Parishes of
Tangipahoa Parish
Livingston Parish
St. Helena Parish
St. Tammany Parish
Washington Parish

47257 River Rd
Hammond LA 70401
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1968
Hammond LA 70404
Phone: (985) 345-1171
Fax: (985) 542-9878


Increasing the capacity of families to effectively care for their children.


History of NHYSB

The New Horizons Youth Service Bureau was founded August 1, 1976, by a group of area residents who were concerned about the shortage of local services for young people with problems.  Because of the rural nature of Tangipahoa Parish, it was planned as an umbrella agency, offering a variety of services with a staff of 3 and a very small budget.  With a law enforcement grant, Jeanne Voorhees began the Tangipahoa Youth Service Bureau (TYSB) in a small yellow house on what is now a parking lot for Seville Plaza in Hammond.        

One problem for which the agency was developed was the need for emergency housing and crisis counseling for runaways and other troubled youth.  This service took the form of licensed private families under contract to provide foster-home style care for runaways and other homeless children.  At the end of the third year, the foster home model couldn’t keep up with the need, so in 1979, TYSB began plans for adding a residential shelter for runaways from the Florida Parishes. 

After 6 years and 3 moves, in 1982 Horizon House began operation under the TYSB umbrella, on a site one-half mile south of the present River Road location.  That site was subject to frequent flooding, which often necessitated moving cars to higher ground, cancelling appointments and closing the office.  One dark day in 1983, the “100-year-flood” occurred, and Horizon House was evacuated as the youths waded out to a station wagon on the highway, holding plastic-bagged clothing over their heads.  The youth were housed in staff homes for days, until the shelter could again be occupied.  Finally, the entire TYSB agency, including Horizon House and all its buildings, were moved to the present, drier site in September, 1990.

The Pathways program was begun with a Department of Corrections contract in 1987.  In 1990, Crossroads was established by a contract with the Office of Mental Health, and a Children’s Trust Fund grant provided for the development of the Second Step program.  A fourth program, Hand-In-Hand, was added in 1996 with a federal Family Support and Family Preservation grant administered through Office of Community Service. 

In 1994, the name of the agency was changed to New Horizons Youth Service Bureau due to its growth and expansion to include all the Florida Parishes.    Today the NHYSB has 5 programs, and is ever changing and expanding.  Pathways has expanded its funding source to include Department of Children and Family Services, Mental Health Services and Office of Juvenile Justice.  MST is Medicaid funded, and the Counseling Center is funded through United Way and private paying clients.